Keynote speakers
9:40-10:30 on Nov.14th.

Dr. Sinan Badrawy,
Chief Technical Officer
 Moore Tool / Moore Nanotechnology Systems

Error Budgeting Analysis for Determining Axis Configurations of Ultra Precision Jig Grinding Machines
9:20-10:10 on Nov.15th.

Prof. Hans Norgaard Hansen ,
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark

Quality in micro manufacturing - from product design to process chains
10:50-11:40 on Nov.14th.

Prof. Atsushi Matsubara,
Department of Micro Engineering, Kyoto University

Measurement technologies for the development of robust and smart machine tools
10:20-11:10 on Nov.15th.

Dr. Haruyoshi Toyoda,
Central Research Laboratory, Hamamatsu Photonics K. K

Application of Liquid Crystal on Silicon Spatial Light Modulator
11:20-12:10 on Nov. 15th.

Mr. Keiichiro Watanabe,

Precision forming and machining technologies for ceramics based components

 Oral and Poster Presentation.
  Click here for more specific program web site.

For Oral presenters
Presentation time (including discussion time): 50 min for Keynote, 20 min for Oral presentation. It is recommended to use a PowerPoint presentation in Microsoft Office. If you use Macintosh for your presentation, please use your own PC. Mac users should bring a VGA adapter. The speakers should use their own computers, please bring your computer to check the connection and your presentation-slides during a break. Please use your own laptop with a D-sub 15 pin output, which will be connected to a projecter set at the conference room. HDMI port is not available.

For Poster presenters
Each author is allotted a W1200 mm x H1800 mm board. Posters using more space than allotted will be removed. Posters will be displayed during 15:00-18:30 on Nov. 15th. All posters must be removed from the boards by 19:00 PM, Nov. 15th. The ICPE2016 staff and the personnel breaking down the boards will not be responsible for posters left on boards by their authors. Work crews will remove posters that remain on the poster boards after 19:00 PM, Nov. 15th.

ICPE 2016 Young researcher's night
Young researcher's night will be hold during to make world wide human networking for mainly under 38-year-old, but not limited.

 Place: Japanese cuisine restaurant (IZAKAYA).
 Participation fee: 2,000 Yen
 Application deadline: 10th Nov. 2016
 Due to capacity of the restaurant, the number of participants is limited to 40.
 This event is organized by JSPE affiliate.
 If you want to join, please access to following link and register.
  Click here for ICPE 2016 Young researcher's night.

Post conference tour on 17th, November 2016.
  We have arranged a postconference tour which delegates can book
  for after the congress.

  TIme table for Postconference tour  ----------------

  Tour bus at Act city Hamamatsu                    
  Central Research lab., Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. 
  Lunch at Kiji-tei           
  Ryotanji Garden  
  Suzuki Plaza   
  Act city Hamamatsu                     
  Reservation for postconference tour is required at the registration.
  If you would like to take on-site process, please contact registration
  desk during the conference.

Okura Act City Hotel Hamamatsu
 Guide to Oral and Poster Presentation will be updated here.