ICPE 2016 focuses on the following 10 topics and their keywords.

・Advanced Precision Machining and Technologies
Keywords: Polishing, Grinding, Cutting, CMP, EDM, Laser

・Die and Mold Manufacturing
Keywords: Molding, Injection, Imprinting, Material

・Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing
Keywords: 3D printer, Cold spray, Stereolithography

・Machine Tools and Elements
Keywords: High feed rate, High speed spindle

・Digital Design and Manufacturing Systems
Keywords: CAD/CAM, Simulation, 3R, Concurrent Engineering

・Green and Sustainable Manufacturing and Technologies
Keywords: Low power manufacturing, Low energy consumption

・Control and Ultra Precision Positioning
Keywords: Control theory, Monitoring, Simulation

・Precision Measurement and Calibration
Keywords: 3D measurement, Surface, Laser, SPM, Standard

Keywords: Sensor, Actuator, Electro-mechanical system

・Bio-Medical Engineering and application
Keywords: Bio-chips, Medical system,